Why is Agent Name not displayed in “Agent Column” on “Brokerage Listings” page?

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Agent Name not displayed in “Agent Column” on “Brokerage Listings” page

Brokerage Listings Page

1. Find the listing in question and select it from the "Brokerage Listings” page.

2. Find out and locate the agent that the Listing is assigned to.

3. Confirm the Agents MLS ID number in the Agents “Personal Settings”, by visiting the “Agents and Staff” area and selecting the agent, than scrolling down to the bottom of the page to view their MLS ID Number.

Common MLS ID Number issues:

Missing 3.png
  • Agents MLS ID Number is incorrect - Correct the Agents MLS ID number and select “Save Settings”
  • Agent has More than one MLS ID Number - Enter the Agents Primary MLS ID Number, than email the support team (support@brokeridxsites.com) the Agent's Name and all alternative MLS ID Numbers and we will enter them into the system for you.

Once Corrected, select “Save Settings”

Visit the “Brokerage Listings” area and confirm the Listing in question now has the correct Agent assigned to it.