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The purpose of this article is to provide a basic suggested starting point. The bare minimum that you should do kind of thing. Overall it should be direct and easy to follow. These are the most important simple things you can do for the success of your new BrokerIDXsites.com website. There's quite a few more things you can do with this very flexible tool. Poke around in the Wiki Knowledge Base for more info on the little things you can do to bring more customers to your site, and, as always, if you need more help you can drop us a ticket at the help desk and we'll do all we can to help you.

Thanks for choosing BrokerIDXsites.com!

The BrokerIDXsites.com Support Staff

1. Become familiar with Your Personal Settings Area

Personal Settings
  • Your Personal Settings area contains your personal info, phone numbers and options for changing your password if you need to. If you have an Instant Messaging user name, that can be entered also. It is important to create your "Security Question" as well. This makes it easier for us to identify you if you ever need help with your account.
  • How to get to your Profile page - Log in using your User name and Password. Once you're logged in, in the upper right hand corner is the "Personal Settings" Link, this link will bring you to your "Personal Settings" page.
  • Review your Permissions & Notifications - Select one or both "Email" and "Text Messaging" check boxes to enable that method of notification.

2. Review your Brokerage Settings:

Brokerage Manager

Select the "Brokerage Manager" link in your Menu (brokeridxsites.net/system_list_brokerages.html) On this page you can effect change to your brokerage by:

  • Reviewing your Brokerages Permissions & Notifications and setting them to operate as you wish.
  • Adding Your Brokerage Logo
  • Setting Access for "Archived Leads"
  • Selecting an "Action Plan", template and default recipient
  • Creating any menu link you may require
  • Reviewing and editing if required your brokerages testimonial email template
  • Entering your google and facebook testimonial link(s)
  • Entering, and saving, your Transaction Referral Fee Defaults
  • Adding, Editing or deleting default Transaction Documents, along with the Transactions document checklist
  • once that is completed, you will need to add your brokerages agents.

3. To Add Staff members/Agents to your brokerage:

Agents and staff
  • Select "Agents & Staff" from your Menu then select "add agent" (brokeridxsites.net/system_editprofile.html?action=add)
  • Fill out the new users User settings form that presents as completely as possible, giving each agent a UNIQUE password, it is best practice to request they change the pw you supply to something different.You must add the Agent/staff members MLS ID number, or enter a temporary placeholder MLS ID number (Example 123456) for the Agents profile to be saved correctly, allowing them login access.
  • At the bottom of the form you can assign a user level, for example office managers all the way to staff.
  • Be sure to add their correct email address, cell phone number and designation as this is used for lead broadcasting, as well as Log in information.
  • Broker level staff members have full access, bypassing password requirements.

4. Establish your Brokerages Lead rules

Lead Rules

Select the "Leads" menu link or Leads widget in your dashboard. (brokeridxsites.net/system_listleads.html)

  • Select the "Leads" menu link presented in your Administration Menu or select the Leads Icon in your dashboard and select "View all Leads"
  • Select the "Lead Rules" tab located next to the "Archived Leads" tab.
  • On the Lead Rules List page you can Search through your Lead Rules using the Search dropdown and entry boxes, sort your Lead Rules via the column titles, Edit your Lead Rules, and Add Lead Rules.

To Add a Lead Rule:

  • Select the "Lead Rule" icon On the "Addi ead Rule" page, enter in your new Lead Rule's name and Select or deselect Active to make the lead Rule Active.
  • In the "Filters" area you can create a lead rule based off of many conditions such as:
  • Lead Source & type
  • Broadcast status
  • Customer type
  • Buyer or seller leads
  • Conditional lead types
  • Property type
  • County
  • Listing Price Greater than
  • Zipcode (5 digits)

You can also select who the leads should be sent to under your set conditions.

  • The "Send Lead to" area allows you to Select users who will receive a broadcast when this lead rule is met.
  • The "CC Lead Notice to" area allows you select who will receive an administrative notice that a lead was broadcast. This user message will not be eligible to accept the lead, it's for administrative use only.
  • When finished, select "Save Lead Rule"

To View/Edit a Lead Rule: Select any Lead Rule of your choice from your Lead Rule list page.

On the "Edit Lead Rule" page you can edit your Lead Rule by:

  • Editing the Lead Rule Name and active status
  • Updating the Lead Rules Filters
  • Updating the Lead Rules Broadcast recipient list

To Manage your lead:

Leads List

You can mark your Lead Rule for Deletion by selecting the "Delete Lead Rule" icon

To reorder your lead rules in order of Priority, visit the Priority Column on the Lead Rule list page.

  • Reorder a Lead rule as first by selecting the "Top" icon.
  • Reorder a lead rule Up the list based on Priority by selecting the "Up" arrow
  • Reorder a lead rule Down the list based on Priority by selecting the "Down" arrow

5. Setting up your domains Front Page Listings, Agent Listings Page and Featured Properties:

Front Page Listings, Agent Listings Page and Featured Properties

You will want to set these up so that customers see the properties you are trying to sell FIRST. Each gives you several ways to sort what is displayed and how it's displayed on your website.

  • Log in using your User name and Password.
  • Click on the "Websites" link in the blue navigational menu.
  • Find the website you want to edit in the list of websites, click on the "domain name" and you will be taken to the Website Widgets.
  • Click on the "Featured Listings Settings" Widget. About half way down that page you will find the controls for "Featured Property", "Front Page Listings" and "Agent Listings Page".

"Featured Properties" - allows you to display up to 25 listings in the "Featured Properties" section of your website. You can filter the featured properties to only display certain types of listings using the featured property administrative tool or you can set it to not display at all. Choose which type of “Featured Listings” you would like visible on your website by selecting an option from the “Featured Property” drop down box.

"Front Page Listings" - allows you to display up to 25 listings on the front page of your website. You can filter the front page listings to only display certain types of listings using the Front Page Listings administrative tool. Choose which type of “Front Page Listings” you would like visible on the front page of your website by selecting an option from the “Search On” drop down box.

“Agent Listings Page” - This section of the form allows you to display listings on the “My Listings” page of your site. Please note: You must have created a “My Listings” page in the “Website Pages”. Choose from the following options the types of listings you would like displayed on your "My Listings" page: property type, price range, only foreclosures, only short sales, only properties with virtual tours, waterfront properties, properties with pools, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, all property listings or only broker listings, and/or properties within a certain city, subdivision or zip code