Testimonial Requests

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Testimonial Requests

Requesting a Testimonial

After Creating a “Testimonials” Page on your domain, customers can submit “Testimonials” that automatically are placed in your “Testimonials” menu area for your approval. Here you can Delete, Unapprove or approve testimonials from appearing on your domain as well as lock or unlock the testimonial from customer editing. You can display all received, requested or manually created testimonials on your domain within your “Testimonials” page or by entering “yourdomainname/testimonials.html” This URL can also be used to request testimonials from non registered customers. Manually added testimonials are automatically Approved and published to your domain.

Creating The Testimonials Page for your Website

1. Select the "Websites" link in your Administration Menu

2. Once on the Manage Websites Page, select the website of your choice.

3. You will be presented with your domains “Dashboard”, an area in which you can effect change to your domain at anytime.

4. Select the “Navigation Menu & Pages” Box.

5. Select the "Add Page" icon - On the "Edit page / Menu Item" page, select the “Testimonial” Page Type and enter in the Page Title of your choice. Example (Our/My Reviews or My Testimonials). once finished select “Save page”

6. Visit the “Testimonials” page on your website.

7. You can Also utilize your Websites URL “yourdomainname/testimonials.html” to request testimonials from non registered customers. Simply Share that URL and visitors will be able to leave testimonials on your website.

8. Select the “Testimonials" menu link presented in your Administration Menu or select the "Testimonials" Icon in your dashboard and select "View Testimonials". Here you can view Customer submitted Testimonials that have been automatically added here from your domain, or you can manually add a testimonial.

Requesting Testimonials from Customers

1. Select “ Customers/Contacts” from your Admin menu

2. Select any Customer of your choice

3. In the Customer Management Icon area, select “Request Testimonial” and confirm that you want to send this customer a testimonial request. The Customer will receive an email asking them to leave a testimonial on your domain, and providing a link to your Testimonial page. Once Clicked, they will be taken to your websites testimonial page, where they can enter the Testimonial and its title.

4. Once a Testimonial has been received, an Email is automatically sent to you alerting you of the newly received testimonial and a link to the testimonial. Once Clicked you will be taken to the testimonial area of your admin.

5. Here, you can Delete, Unapprove or approve the testimonial from appearing on your domain as well as lock or unlock the testimonial from customer editing.

Manually Adding a testimonial

1. Select the "Add Testimonial" icon

2. On the "Adding Testimonial" page, you can:

3. Enter in your Testimonial Contact information

4. Change its status

5. Attribute the Testimonial to an existing customer

6. Enter a Testimonial Title and The testimonial itself.

7. When finished, select "Add Testimonial"

Managing your Testimonials

1. You can Approve or Disapprove a Submitted or Manually entered testimonial by selecting the “Approve or Remove approval on testimonial” action Icon

2. You can “Lock” or “Unlock” your testimonial, making it uneditable/editable by the customer using the “Lock/Unlock” action icon.