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Schedule Showings List Page

Visitors and Customers on your Website can Schedule a Showing with you, by selecting the Property, Selecting Schedule a Showing, and selecting the Date and adding notes for the agent. Once Submitted, the Agent will receive an Email notifying them of the Scheduled showing, as well as it will appear on the "Schedule Showings" list page. You can also manually add a "Scheduled Showing" that once created, will send a message to the client allowing them to Accept, Decline, or edit the Scheduled Showing.

In Your Daily Overview , the calendar provides a Daily list, Weekly list and a monthly Overview that is automatically updated whenever A customer schedules a showing on your domain, When you add a scheduled showing in your Schedule showing area, or When a customer re-schedules a showing on your domain.

1. Select the "Schedule Showings" menu link presented in your Administration Menu

2. On the Schedule Showings List page, you can Search through your Schedule Showings using the Search dropdown and entry boxes, sort your Schedule Showings via the column titles, Edit your Schedule Showings, and Add Schedule Showings

Adding a Schedule Showing

3. To Add a Schedule Showing:

  • Select the "Add Schedule Showing" icon
  • On the "Add Schedule Showing" page, enter in your Schedule & Property information.
  • Preferred Showing
  • Message
  • Property Information
  • Street Number
  • Street Prefix
  • Street Name
  • Street Type
  • Street Direction
  • City
  • Zip
  • Listing MLSID
  • When finished, select "Save Scheduled Showing"

4. To View/Edit a Schedule Showing: Select any Schedule Showing of your choice from your Schedule Showing list page. On the Scheduled Showings detail page, you can edit your Scheduled Showings information by:

Editing and Managing a Scheduled Showing
  • Accepting the Scheduled Showing from the Customers request
  • Rescheduling the Scheduled Showing from the Customers request
  • Deleting the Scheduled Showing from the Customers request