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On The “Search” page, select the "Saved Search" tab

Saved Search

On the "Saved Search" page, you can Search through your “Saved Search" History using the Search dropdown and entry boxes, sort your “Saved Search” via the column titles such as Date, Name, Agent, Summary and number of Results.

Previously performed Searches are automatically recorded and saved here and can be retrieved at anytime.

Select any of the previously performed searches and you will be presented with the results of that search.

Editing and Managing Saved Searches

After selecting a "Saved Search", the "Search Results" page will appear. Select any or all of the Listings returned in your search and:

Send - This allows you to Email Selected Customers these search result listings, as well as add a message to be contained within the email.

Grid View -Displays Listings in a two-dimensional, scrollable grid

List View- Displays listings in a detail rich list, providing more information at a glance

Print Flyer - This allows you to select and print flyers for any of your saved searched listings.