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Promo Page

The Promotional Form provides a method of offering a pdf file to your website visitors via email. The visitor fills out a short form and they are sent an email that has a pdf file as an attachment. You create the pdf file and upload it to the Admin area. This pdf can contain anything you wish that may interest your website visitors enough to complete the form. The Users email address is treated as a lead in the system.

1. Select the "Websites" link in your Administration Menu

2. Once on the Manage Websites Page, select the website of your choice.

Promo Page

3. You will be presented with your domains “Dashboard”, an area in which you can effect change to your domain at anytime.

4. Select the “Promotion Form” Box.

5. In the “Promo Page” dropdown box you can choose to make your Promo page Active or Inactive.

6. In the Text box area, you can customize your page by adding your own Promotional Text such as Weekly/Monthly Hotsheets, area listings, or new offers, Pictures, Videos and links to other pages you wish to share.

7. Current Email Attachment - This Area details the file you've chosen to upload to your promotional form. Once a Visitor fills out your form, they will be sent an email with this file/document such as a Weekly/Monthly Hotsheet, area listings, or new offers.

8. Replace with - This area allows you to choose a file from your device and upload it to the Current Email Attachment area.

9. Once finished adding your text and customizing your page, select “Update Promotional Message”.