New Listings

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Your "New Listings" area allows you to Organize and Sort your new listings, as well as view the Listing on your website. You can also create a virtual tour for your listings quickly.

New Listings

1. Select the "Brokerage Listings (Broker+ access)" menu link presented in your Administration Menu

2. On the “Brokerage Listings” List page, select the “New Listings” tab. On this page you can view all of your “New” listings

3. On the “New Listings” List page you can Search through your Brokerages New Listings using the Search dropdown and entry boxes, sort your Brokerages New Listings via the column titles, and view your Brokerages New listings as they appear on your Brokerages website.

4. You can quickly create a virtual tour for your listing, by selecting the "Virtual Tour" shortcut link provided for each listing.