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Manage Videos

Managing Videos

The Manage Videos page allows you to add a video to individual listings from your MLS on your website. When the listing is viewed, a “Video” icon will be present. When selected the Video you have chosen will play.

1. Select the "Virtual Tours/Videos" menu link presented in your Administration Menu

2. On the “Manage Tours” List page select the “Manage Videos” page tab.

3. On the “Manage Videos” List page you can Search through your Videos using the Search dropdown and entry boxes, sort your Videos via the column titles, view your Videos as they appear on your website and Add Videos.

4. Creating a Video -

  • Select the “Add Video” icon

On the “Edit Video” page, you can enter in your Videos

  • Listing MLSID - This is used to assign the video to a exact listing within your feed.
  • Video Title - Add a title for your video
  • Video Link - Enter in the link to the video you would like displayed on the listing. You can get a video link from any video sharing website online, such as YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. Copy the Links URL and enter it here. The video you've linked will appear for customers when selected on your website.
  • When Finished, select “Save Changes”

5. Managing Your Video's -

  • On the “Manage Videos ” List page select a video of your choice.
  • On the “Edit Video” page you can delete your Video by selecting the “Delete” icon.