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The “Manage To Do” area allows you to View, Edit and Organize your created “To Do’ items within your brokerage

Adding a To-Do

1. Select the "Manage To Do" menu link presented in your Administration Menu

2. On the “Manage To Do” page, you can Search through your “To Do’s” using the Search dropdown and entry boxes, sort your “To Do’s” via the column titles, Review or Edit your “To Do’s” setting and Add “To Do’s”.

Adding A “To Do” to your Brokerage -

3. Select the “Add To Do” action Icon

4. On the “Add To Do” pop up, enter in the Title, Due Date, URL (If Applicable) and Description. Once finished, select the “Add To Do” button.

Syncing “To Do’s” with Your Google Calendar -

5. In your Account home area, select the “Sync Google Calendar” action Icon.

6. On the “Synch Google Calendar” pop up, it will read “This will sync your google calendar events with your Broker IDX Sites Inc. account calendar events. Please confirm if you wish to sync your google calendar events?”. Once you “Confirm” your Google Calendar will be Synced with your “To Do’s”

7.Upcoming items such as Transactions, Customer Follow up appointments, and added To Do items will be synched to your Google Calendar, while Upcoming events from your google calendar will also appear in your "Daily Overview" Calendar on your account Home page.