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Leads>Editing/Managing your Leads>

Access to "Lead rules" available only to Broker, Broker Assistant, Office Managers and Office Assistants

Lead Rules Page

1. Select the "Leads" menu link presented in your Administration Menu or select the Leads Icon in your dashboard and select "View all Leads"

2. Select the "Lead Rules" tab located next to the "Archived Leads" tab.

3. On the Lead Rules List page you can Search through your Lead Rules using the Search dropdown and entry boxes, sort your Lead Rules via the column titles, Edit your Lead Rules, and Add Lead Rules.

Adding a Lead Rule

4. To Add a Lead Rule: Select the "Lead Rule" icon On the "Add lead Rule" page, enter in your new Lead Rule's name and Select or deselect Active to make the lead Rule Active.

In the "Filters" area you can create a lead rule based off of many conditions such as:

  • Lead Source & type
  • Broadcast status
  • Customer type
  • Buyer or seller leads
  • Conditional lead types
  • Property type
  • County
  • Listing Price Greater than
  • Zip Code (5 digits)

You can also select who the leads should be sent to under your set conditions.

  • The "Send Lead to" area allows you to Select users who will receive a broadcast when this lead rule is met.
  • The "CC Lead Notice to" area allows you select who will receive an administrative notice that a lead was broadcast. This user message will not be eligible to accept the lead, it's for administrative use only.

When finished, select "Save Lead Rule"

5. To View/Edit a Lead Rule: Select any Lead Rule of your choice from your Lead Rule list page. On the "Edit Lead Rule" page you can edit your Lead Rule by:

  • Editing the Lead Rule Name and active status
  • Updating the Lead Rules Filters
  • Updating the Lead Rules Broadcast recipient list

6. To Manage your lead: You can mark your Lead Rule for Deletion by selecting the "Delete Lead Rule" icon

7.To reorder your lead rules in order of Priority, visit the Priority Column on the Lead Rule list page.

  • Reorder a Lead rule as first by selecting the "Top" icon.
  • Reorder a lead rule Up the list based on Priority by selecting the "Up" arrow
  • Reorder a lead rule Down the list based on Priority by selecting the "Down" arrow

Lead Rules are set in order of first consideration, for example: You have a lead that is both over $1m and is located in Pasco County, Florida. You have two lead rules, one for leads over $1m and one for leads in Pasco County,Florida.

Ordering your leads based on first consideration, allows the system to rank whcih rule is more important, which ever lead rule is higher in the list is the one it matches and follows

If the "Pasco County, Florida rule was ranked first, and the $1m dollar listing ranked second, any lead matching both criteria would be routed to the "Pasco County,Florida" rule first. If the Lead was not in Pasco County, Florida, it would match the $1M dollar listing rule instead.