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Manage Your Website>

Lead Reply Email Template

1. Select the "Websites" link in your Administration Menu

2. Once on the Manage Websites Page, select the website of your choice.

3. You will be presented with your domains “Dashboard”, an area in which you can effect change to your domain at anytime.

4. Select the “Lead Reply Template” Box.

5. On this Page, In the Text box area, you can customize your websites automatic Lead response to your customers, by adding your own text, Pictures, Videos and links to this page. When a customer visits your website and submits a lead, they will be presented with the Text you've entered on this page.

Lead Reply Email Template

6. Replacement tokens - Replacement Tokens are Text entered on a page that replaces the Text with the correct corresponding value.

The following replacement tokens are available: [customer_name] , [customer_email] , [customer_phone] , [customer_message] , [property_address] , [property_MLSID] , [showing_date] , [website] , [tagline] , [phone] , [agent]

For example: Thank you [customer_name]!,

I see you are interested in viewing [property_MLSID], on the date of [showing_date] I will contact you shortly via your email [customer_email] or Phone [customer_phone].

Have a great day! [agent] [phone] [website] [tagline]

7. Saving Lead Reply Email - When finished, select the "Update Lead Reply Email" link