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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions that are asked regularly, this page enumerates and provides quick access to a summary answer and link to the more robust page that covers that topic.

How do I Log in to my Account?

Visit brokeridxsites.net/login.html or select the "Manage your Account" link at the bottom of your domain. Enter your email address in the "Your Email" field Enter your password into the "Your password" field. Select "Login"

Where do I Start to set up my Brokerage

Become familiar with Your Personal Settings Area. Review your Brokerage Settings. Add Staff members/Agents to your brokerage. Establish your Brokerages Lead Rules. Set up your domains Front Page Listings, Agent Listings Page and Featured Properties.

=== Brokerage Transactions Set up ===
Transactions Set Up
Setting Up the Transaction Manager
Managing your Transactions
Creating your Transaction
Contact Information
Transaction Notes
Closing your Transaction
Requesting a Testimonial

What does my Dashboard do?

Your BrokerIDXsites.com Dashboard was designed to provide Helpful information and easy access to your features.

How do I access and edit my Personal Settings?

Select the "Personal Settings" link in your account home header area.

How do I add a Testimonial?

Adding a Testimonial - You can display all received or manually created testimonials on your domain on your “Testimonials” page. After Creating a “Testimonials” Page, on your domain customers can submit “Testimonials” that automatically are placed in your “Testimonials” menu area for your approval or you can add a testimonial manually.

What are Customer Notifications?

Customer Notifications are from Customers that have registered to your website and now have "Customer Accounts". Once created and the new customer has been Logged in, you can engage in a conversation with a customer on your website, Allowing you another channel to engage your customers, answer their questions and retain their attention.

What are Desktop Notifications?

Desktop Notifications, when enabled deliver instant notifications directly to your desktop when there are any newly received Leads, Transactions, Blog Posts, Scheduled Showings, Testimonials, Listings or Customer Registrations on your website, allowing you to safely receive important BrokerIDXsites.com information that is relevant to you. Desktop Notifications are sent only after being enabled in the “Push Notifications: (Current Browser)” area of your Personal Settings.

How do I Sync my Google Calendar?

In your Account home area, select the “Sync Google Calendar” action Icon. Upcoming items such as Transactions, Customer Follow up appointments, and added To Do items will be synched to your Google Calendar, while Upcoming events from your google calendar will also appear in your "Daily Overview" Calendar on your account Home page.

Why is Agent Name not displayed in “Agent Column” on “Brokerage Listings” page?

The agent does not have a matching MLSID in our system, you can add the correct MLSID for the agent in the agent's profile.