Email Marketing Campaigns

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You can Create E-mail marketing Campaigns to send marketing campaigns to. These can be used to send Information, Listings, Offers or promotional items.

Email Marketing Campaigns

1. On the Email marketing Campaigns List page you can Search through your Email marketing Campaigns using the Search dropdown and entry boxes, sort your Email marketing Campaigns via the column titles, Edit your Email marketing Campaigns, and Add Email marketing Campaigns.

2.The Search tool can be used to quickly find specific Email marketing Campaigns from your E-mail marketing Campaigns list page. The column headers of the list allow your display to be sorted by that column header, Id, Title,Agent, date, etc.

The "Search" drop-down box allows you to select from Id, Title,Agent, & Date. The "For" text entry box allows you to enter the E-mail marketing Campaigns search item you are searching for. Selecting " Search" initiates the search you have created. Selecting "Reset search" resets the E-mail marketing Campaigns Search you have created.

3. "Add a new E-mail marketing Campaign by selecting the "Add Campaign" action icon. Once selected, you will be brought to the "Add New Email Marketing Campaign" Detail page.

4. Enter in the Add New Email Marketing Campaigns Details which include the "From Name, From Email, and Preferred Campaign Date" Once the Campaign has been sent the "Group Owner, Campaign Status, Campaign Last Edit, Created on, Campaign Count, & Campaign Last Sent Date will appear, providing more details on the campaign.

5. In the "Campaign Message Type" area, you can choose from "Simple Message, or Message with Listings"

6. In the Email Message body area, Enter the Emails Subject, followed by the message which can include images,links or videos. You can use [-name-], [-customeremail-], [-firstname-], [-lastname-], [-customerphone-], [-agentname-], [-agentfirstname-], [-agentlastname-], [-agentphone-], [-agentemail-], [-brokeragename-], [-brokeragephone-], [-propertylistings-] to auto populate values

7. In the "Select Group" area, you can select the recipients of this Email Marketing Campaign. You can choose from "All Customers, All Brokers, All Staff, All Agents, Closed Customers, Your previously created and Saved Email Marketing groups, Investors, Buyers in Closing, or make a Manual Group"

8. When Finished creating your Email Marketing Campaign, select "Save" to save the Email Marketing Campaign.