Domain Base Settings

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Manage Your Website>

1. Select the "Websites" link in your Administration Menu

Domain Base Settings

2. Once on the Manage Websites Page, you can view your domain by selecting the "Open" icon in the "Link" column next to the domain name. To make changes to your website, select the website you wish to edit by clicking on the Line item in the "Domain" Column.

3. You will be presented with your domains “Dashboard”, an area in which you can effect change to your website.

4. Select the “Domain Base Settings” Box

5. On the “Domain Base Settings” page you can change your domain with the following options:

  • Your Team Name - You can Enter a “Team Name” instead of your own on your domain
  • Your Slogan - You can enter in a “Slogan” that will appear beneath your Name or Team Name.
  • Team Member - You can add team members to your domain.
  • Active Counties - Your Domains Search Abilities are limited to your selected active counties.
  • Active Property Types - Only Selected property types will appear on your domain. If not selected, it will not appear.
  • Customer Registrations - You can enable or disable the ability to allow customers to log-in, sign up for drip emails, newsletters, and vote for listings polls.
  • Comments Modules - Connected to Facebook, select what areas you would like a comment box to appear.
  • Facebook App ID - App ID is provided by Support and is required for FaceBook Login to be activated on your domain. This feature is currently disabled for technical updates
  • Google Analytics ID: Enter the User ID Provided by Google Analytics to incorporate it into your domain.
  • Bing Ownership Code: Enter ID Provided by Bing to incorporate it into your domain.
  • Custom Header Code: You can enter in Third Party Source code in this box.

6. Saving Settings - Once you have made all desired changes, select the “ Save Settings” link at the bottom to save all changes.