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Document Library

1. Select the "Document Library" menu link presented in your Administration Menu or select the Documents Icon in your dashboard and select "View Documents"

2. On the Documents List page you can Search through your Documents using the Search dropdown and entry boxes, sort your Documents via the column titles, Edit your Documents, and Add Documents.

The Search tool can be used to quickly find specific Documents from your Document Library list page. The column headers of the list allow your display to be sorted by that column's header, Download, date, etc The "Search" drop-down box allows you to select from Download, Document Name, Category, Date, Last Download and DEC ID. The "For" text entry box allows you to enter the Document Library search item you are searching for. Selecting " Search" initiates the search you have created. Selecting "Reset search" resets the Document Library Search you have created.

3. To Add a Document: Select the "Add Document " icon

On the "Add New Document" page, enter in your Documents

  • Access level - You can Select any of the Choices made available to you From Brokerage - to Reseller You can Tailor the exact access level you would like your document to be available to, within your brokerage.
  • Category
  • Name
  • Summary

Choose your document from your computer or device

When ready to upload when finished, select "Save New Document"

4. To Download your Documents: Select the “Download” icon on any Document of your choice to instantly download that file to your device.

5. To View/Edit a Document: Select any Documents of your choice from your Documents list page. On the "Editing Document Settings " page you can edit your Document by:

  • Changing your Documents Access level
  • Changing your Documents Category
  • Changing your Documents Name
  • Changing your Documents summary.
  • Uploading an alternative document

When finished, select "Update Document "

6. To Manage your Documents : You can mark your Document for Deletion by selecting the "Delete" icon. "Delete" Icon display depends on Brokerage settings and user level