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Located in your navigational menu, the Document Library is available to all your Agents and Staff. All the various Documents your company uses can be added to the Library for easy access by your agents or staff. Permission levels can be attached to Documents that limit who can view the various documents


Select the "Document Library" navigational menu link. Once selected you will be brought to the Document Library page. Here, you can view all uploaded documents to your brokerage, download them to your device, or delete documents.


The Search tool can be used to quickly find specific Documents from your Document Library list page. The column headers of the list allow your display to be sorted by that column's header, Download, date, etc The "Search" drop-down box allows you to select from Download, Document Name, Category, Date, Last Download and DEC ID. The "For" text entry box allows you to enter the Document Library search item you are searching for. Selecting " Search" initiates the search you have created. Selecting "Reset search" resets the Document Library Search you have created.

Add Document

Select the Add Document Action Icon to upload a document to your Document library. You will be brought to the "Add new document" page. The Document's file name will be the same filename as the document you upload which will be available after upload. The edited by field displays the editing user for this document. Choose the category you would like to classify your document under by selecting your choice from the "Category " drop down menu. Enter the documents name and summery in the Document name and Document Summary areas. Upload your document by selecting the "Choose File" button. Once selected, and uploaded, select the "Save New Document" button to save your changes.

Download Document

To download a document, visit your Document Library page and select the Download Icon adjacent to your document selection. This will download the desired document to your device.


To edit any document, select the Document from the Document Library list page. Once on the Edit Document page, Make any changes needed and then click on 'Update Document'. You only have to upload a new file if the document itself has changed.


To Delete any document, select the Document from the Document Library list page. Once on the Edit Document page, select the Delete action Icon. Once selected, confirm your intention to delete the image. Once done, the document will be deleted from your Document library.