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1. Select the "Customers" menu link presented in your Administration Menu or select the Customers Icon in your dashboard and select "View all Customers"


2. On the Customers List page you can Search through your Customers using the Search dropdown and entry boxes, sort your Customers via the column titles, Edit your Customers, Add Customers, and Download your Customers for use elsewhere.

Adding a Customer

3. To Add a Customer: Select the "Add Customer" icon On the "Adding Customer" page, enter in your Customers information. When finished, select "Add New Customer"

After a Customer has been created, They can easily be added to any Transaction. All Contacts are Public throughout your Brokerage and are available to everyone within it.

4. To View/Edit a Customer: Select any Customer of your choice from your Customer list page. On the customers Dashboard, you can edit your Customer by:

  1. Editing the Customers Contact information via the Profile Widget.
  2. Updating your customers contact notes via the Contact widget.
  3. Adjusting your customers Drip Listing email settings via the “Drip Listing Notification Settings” Widget.
  4. Review your customers past sent drip listings via the “Drip Listing History” widget.
  5. View your customers most liked properties via the “Liked Listings” widget.
  6. Inspect your customers created polls via the “Created Polls” widget.
Managing Your Customers

5. To Manage your Customer: After selecting a Customer from the Customer list page

  • You can mark your Customer for Deletion by selecting the "Delete" icon. "Delete" Icon display depends on Brokerage settings and user level
  • You can request a testimonial from you customer by selecting the "Request Testimonial" icon
  • You can add a note to your customers notes by selecting the “Add Note" icon
  • You can send a Password reset email to your customer by selecting the "Reset Password" icon
  • You can send a drip email instantly to your customer by selecting the "Send Drip Email" icon
  • You can mark your Customer to be handed off to another Agent in your brokerage by selecting the "Hand Off" icon. "Hand Off" Icon display depends on Brokerage settings and user level
  • You can set up a new follow up date which will be synced to your Dashboard calendar by selecting the "Set Follow Up" icon
  • You can send a note to the agent of the customer by selecting the “Message Agent" icon. . "Message Agent" Icon display depends on Brokerage settings and user level

Customer Accounts & Agent Access

Agent Access to Customer Accounts
Getting the Agent to make those contact calls is always easier when they have an idea of what the person they will be calling is looking :for. Lead and Customer information is collected and accessable by your Agents to facilitate productive and sustained Lead contacts.
Manually Add Customer
Customers can be manually entered by your Agents or Staff and added to the CRM for follow up, drip listings and more!
Customer Administrative Account Features
The Customer Administrative area displays "Widgets" that enable quick access to the various Customer areas.
Customer Contact Log or "Notes"
Assigned Agents can Log all contacts with the Customer via their Customer Account area. This provides for Lead Contact Tracking and :reporting to Management.
Customer Contact Information
Assigned Agents can view Customers contact information.
Customer Drip Listings Set Up
Assigned Agents can Create and edit Drip Listing emails that send MLS listings to their Customers via email.
Drip Listing History Display
Assigned Agents can view the history of the MLS Listings that were sent to the Customer.
Drip Listing "Send Now" Function
Assigned Agents can send Customers Drip Listing immediately with a single click.
Drip Listing "Open" Reporting
Let's you know when your Customer last opened one of your drip emails.
Customer Liked Listings List
Assigned Agents can view their Customers list of Liked Listings.
Customer Testimonial Requests
Assigned Agents can request a Testimonial from a Customer with One Click. Testimonials are verified before being posted to the Brokerage :website and Agents Bio page.
'MailChimp® Integration
Mail Chimp is fully integrated into the CMS, your customer lists and groups can be transfered to your Mail Chimp account automatically.
Hand Off/Transfer Customers Between Agents
Have a Customer that is better suited for a different Agent? Customers can be transferred to other Agents in your Brokerage.
Customer Buyer Profile
Agents are able to view any select customers Buyer Profile for more information about that customer
Customer Poll Creation
Customers can Login to their account and create Polls with their liked listings, then share the poll to friends via social media:
Customer Transaction Management
Customers can login and view all transactions they are included on, Upload/Download documents and view the listings basic information.
Transaction Participant Account Access
Title Agents, Home Inspectors, Real Estate Agents even the Sign Guy can access transaction that they are involved in directly from your website.
Customer Private Listing Manager
Customers can login and list a private listing of theirs directly through their account dashboard. Agents can then Publish or unpublish the listing to their domain.
Staff Note exchange on Customers
A built in customer specific chat/note system that enables Agent/Broker/Office Manager to exhange notes on a specific customer.
Detailed Customer Information Fields
A multitude of customer census data collection fields are included for your agents to use to collect pertinent customer details.
Agent Testimonial Requests
Testimonial requests can be made to customers. Once returned, testimonials can be approved for display on your website.