Creating a Form for your Website

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Creating a Form for your Website

Adding forms into your documents is an advanced feature that requires knowledge of HTML.

By using the form creation tool you are able to create forms that allow form controls such as check boxes, text fields or buttons.

To create a form, log into your account using your user name and password.

Select "Websites" in your Navigational Menu.

Create a Website Page.

Fill out the required "Form Properties". The "Name" should contain the name of your Form. "Action" will be /thankyou.html. "ID" can be left blank. "Encoding" will depend on the type of form you are creating. "Target" will depend on where you would like your form to open up. "Method" is "Post".

Add the following code to the Source directly before the /form tag <input type="hidden" name="thetype" value="8"> <input type="hidden" name="act" value="1"> You specify the subject of the email as follows: <input name="theSubject" type="hidden" value=“Your Subject Title" />You specify the agent to receive the email as follows: <input name="theAgent" type="hidden" value=“bidx_userid_of_recipient" />

Create the attributes of your form by clicking on the Check box, Radio Button, Text Field, Text Area, Selection Field or Button Icons.

You are able to create multiple attributes for your form.

For example, you create a form for your website that Users can fill out submitting themselves into a Prize Give Away.

On this form you are able to have a "Name", "Email Address", & "Phone Number" text field and check boxes for Prize entry conditions and a "Submit" button

Once your form is created click "Save Page"

Select the "Click Here To See Your Page" link to see your new form.