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1. Select the "Customers/Contacts" menu link presented in your Administration Menu or select the Customers Icon in your dashboard and select "View all Customers"


2. On the Customers List page, select the "Contacts" tab. Here you can Search through your Contacts using the Search dropdown and entry boxes, sort your Contacts via the column titles, Edit your Contacts , Add Contacts , and Download your Contacts for use elsewhere.


3. To Add a Contact:

  1. Select the "Add Contact" icon
  2. On the "Adding Customer" page, enter in your Contacts information.
  3. When finished, select "Add New Customer"

4. To View/Edit a Contact: Select any Contact of your choice from your Contact list page. On the Contacts Dashboard, you can edit your Customer by:

  • Editing the Customers Contact information via the Profile Widget.
  • Updating your customers contact notes via the Contact widget.
Adding a Contact

5. To Manage your Contact:

  • You can mark your Contact for Deletion by selecting the "Delete" icon
  • You can add a note to your Contacts notes by selecting the “Add Note" icon
  • You can send a Password reset email to your Contact by selecting the "Reset Password" icon
  • You can mark your Contact for Super Deletion by selecting the "Super Delete*" icon