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Features of Our Real Estate CRM & Brokerage Management System

Lead Management & CRM

CRM - Leads & Customer Relationship Manager
Like words and music, Leads and CRM's were meant for each other. Ours is no different. Your Leads and our CRM are a powerful combination! :All of your Agents can stay in contact with Leads and Customers with our MailChimp® Integrated Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). Our :custom designed CRM offers Drip MLS Listing emails, "spying" on your Leads, Lead mangement, entry areas to store census data and make :"Notes" for future contacts.
Broker Reports
One-click Broker Access to Customer Status Reports, Lead Status Reports, Transaction Status Reports, Virtual Tour creation Reports and more.
Manually Lead Entry and Assignment
Manual Lead Addition enables walk in, email or phone contact information to be broadcast to your Agents via SMS and email as well as :posted to their secure personal Agent Portal Area on your Brokerage website. Leads can be Claimed by your agents via these same methods.
Action Plan Prompted Lead Management
Customized Lead Action Plan keeps your Agents on task and following the Lead. Claimed Leads are assigned Action Plans that post to your :Agents Accounts with Daily Lead Management Task notices suggested per Customer.
Automatic Lead Routing with Lead Rules" enabled
Automatic Lead Routing parses incoming Leads and directs it to the Agent(s) of your choice automagically based on criteria you can set. :This includes the traditional "Round Robin" and/or "best match" based on various customized values.
Incoming Lead Broadcast via SMS and Email
Lead notices are automatically broadcast to your agents via email and SMS (text messaging) upon arrival.
Incoming Lead Pickup/Assignment via SMS and Email
Incoming Leads are routed through the lead rule system and broadcast to your agents as directed. Agents can pick up a lead by replying to :the email or text message.
Convert Leads to Customer Accounts
Claimed Leads can be worked by your Agents to convert them to Customers. Customer contact tasks can then be automated by the CRM and :augmented by Agent tasks offered by the Action Plan manager.
Lead Contact Log & Notes
Your Agents can enter Notes about Leads. These Notes provide information about the Lead and can help to establish point of contact "door :openers" on future communication opportunites.
Hand Off/Transfer Leads Between Agents
Have a Lead that just isn't working for you? Hand it off! Leads can be handed off to other Agents in the Brokerage.
Track Agent Lead Response
The Lead Broadcast system reports the Actions of the Lead as well as the "time to pickup" of the Lead. This provides valuable information :on the response time from Lead generation to Agent contact. This can be valuable in establishing which of your agents pick up leads the :quickest and most frequently.
Lead Detail & Routing Information
Where did this Lead come from? What are they looking for? Why did I get it? Sound familiar? A Lead Detail is provided for all incoming :Leads that displays the routing history and origin of the Lead.
Incoming Lead Broadcast via SMS and Email
First come, first serve! Get the Leads out! Your Agents can claim Leads from their phone via SMS (text) messages, as well as via email.

Trulia ® and Zillow® "Tech Connect"® enabled

Single point Lead collection is a beautiful thing. We've done all the leg work, you just need to make the connection and those Leads from :Zillow and Trulia can be automatically imported into the CRM.
Email Parse to CRM
Send that Lead notice email from just about anywhere, to us and we'll figure out how to put that Lead information into the CRM for you. :Once we get it right, it becomes automatic. What a time saver!
Lead Archive
This feature allows you to Archive Leads for review at a later time, suspending their Action Plan.
Lead Rebroadcasting
This feature allows you to rebroadcast a lead within your brokerage office, allowing any agent to claim the lead.
Staff Note exchange on Leads
A built in Lead specific chat/note system that enables Agent/Broker/Office Manager to exhange notes on a specific lead.
Lead Status Task Indicators
When should you contact those customers? Our action plan task indicators provide a visual reference for each leads status.
Lead Action Incentives
Lead settings include an option that disallows agents with late lead action tasks to obtain new leads.
Lead Archive
Inactive leads can be archived and maintained for future use.
Detailed Lead Information
Lead information can include referral information as well as "Time to Purchase" information.

Customer Accounts & Agent Access

Agent Access to Customer Accounts
Getting the Agent to make those contact calls is always easier when they have an idea of what the person they will be calling is looking :for. Lead and Customer information is collected and accessable by your Agents to facilitate productive and sustained Lead contacts.
Manually Add Customer
Customers can be manually entered by your Agents or Staff and added to the CRM for follow up, drip listings and more!
Customer Administrative Account Features
The Customer Administrative area displays "Widgets" that enable quick access to the various Customer areas.
Customer Contact Log or "Notes"
Assigned Agents can Log all contacts with the Customer via their Customer Account area. This provides for Lead Contact Tracking and :reporting to Management.
Customer Contact Information
Assigned Agents can view Customers contact information.
Customer Drip Listings Set Up
Assigned Agents can Create and edit Drip Listing emails that send MLS listings to their Customers via email.
Drip Listing History Display
Assigned Agents can view the history of the MLS Listings that were sent to the Customer.
Drip Listing "Send Now" Function
Assigned Agents can send Customers Drip Listing immediately with a single click.
Drip Listing "Open" Reporting
Let's you know when your Customer last opened one of your drip emails.
Customer Liked Listings List
Assigned Agents can view their Customers list of Liked Listings.
Customer Testimonial Requests
Assigned Agents can request a Testimonial from a Customer with One Click. Testimonials are verified before being posted to the Brokerage :website and Agents Bio page.
'MailChimp® Integration
Mail Chimp is fully integrated into the CMS, your customer lists and groups can be transfered to your Mail Chimp account automatically.
Hand Off/Transfer Customers Between Agents
Have a Customer that is better suited for a different Agent? Customers can be transferred to other Agents in your Brokerage.
Customer Buyer Profile
Agents are able to view any select customers Buyer Profile for more information about that customer
Customer Poll Creation
Customers can Login to their account and create Polls with their liked listings, then share the poll to friends via social media:
Customer Transaction Management
Customers can login and view all transactions they are included on, Upload/Download documents and view the listings basic information.
Transaction Participant Account Access
Title Agents, Home Inspectors, Real Estate Agents even the Sign Guy can access transaction that they are involved in directly from your website.
Customer Private Listing Manager
Customers can login and list a private listing of theirs directly through their account dashboard. Agents can then Publish or unpublish the listing to their domain.
Staff Note exchange on Customers
A built in customer specific chat/note system that enables Agent/Broker/Office Manager to exhange notes on a specific customer.
Detailed Customer Information Fields
A multitude of customer census data collection fields are included for your agents to use to collect pertinent customer details.
Agent Testimonial Requests
Testimonial requests can be made to customers. Once returned, testimonials can be approved for display on your website.

Website Features & Functions

MLS Form Based Search
This is the standard MLS search form, bedrooms, bathrooms, and the like. You can customize to only search for your selected items.
MLS Map Based Listing Search
A Map based search allows your website visitor to see listings displayed on a Map, they can zoom and mouse over Pins on the map for more :listing information.
More Like This Search
You ever get that, it's not quite right feeling? Well this feature is for you, it will display listings that are Like the one you are :looking at.
Detail "Perma-Link" Pages
Our Detail pages are really single property website but we keep it a secret. The system creates a Detail page with a static (doesn't ever :change) URL that can be easily shared on Social media or emailed to your Leads. This URL includes the Property Address information (Long :Tail) for best SEO value possible.
Gallery for Large MLS Listing Images
A Gallery view on the Detail page offers large MLS Listings images to your website vistors, they love those!
Printer Friendly MLS Listing Brochures
Your Agents and website visitors can create a print ready brochure for any listing in your MLS from it's Detail page on your brokerage :website. The brochure contains contact information for the Brokerage and Agent
Agent Roster Page
When you Add an Agent in the Admin area, it also adds them to the Agent roster page of your website and creates an Account for them to :access from your website.
Agent Bio Pages
Agent Bio pages are also automatically created. These pages display a brief note about the Agent, Agent Testmonials and Agent Listings.
Lead Generation Forms
We have CMA forms already built in, Schedule a Showing, Contact Us, Request More Information and Promotional PDF forms, all designed to generate Leads.
Strictly Mobile Theme Option
If desired a default mobile device optimized theme can be enabled. This theme is served specifically to your website visitors using a :mobile device. This theme is optimized to enhance the viewing experience for mobile device users. It is an option in All Themes.
Customer Testimonial Display Options
Once you've collected all those great testimonials, you need a place to share them! Some of our themes offer scrolling Testimonial :displays. All of the themes offer a Testimoinal display and collection page.
Google Maps™
Google Maps™ is included on the listings detail page when available.
Google Streetview™
Google Street View™ is included on the listings detail page when available.
Social Media Sharing Tools
We like to be Social, so we make it easy for social people to be social. Every listing detail and every blog post has Social Media :Sharing Tools built in.
Responsive Theme Designs
A sharp dressed website makes a statement and opens the door for an internet full of possibilites. Easily customized and designed with the :real world in mind, our themes provide a solid and reliable user experience that helps to instill confidence in your brand.
Limited Visitor Searches
Ease website visitors in to registering by setting a number of "free" pages they can view before the website requires an email address or :Registration to continue.
SEO Installed and Ready to Go
Permanent Long tail URL's, meta tags and all that jazz, yes you need them and yes we have them. Our themes contain best practice "White :Hat" SEO techniques. Our designers and coders took the time to give links keyword stuffed titles, URLs' with long tails that contain :address information and unique page titles for every page that reflect the content of the page, all this is done automatically. We're not :SEO ready, we're SEO done.
Website Customer Accounts via FaceBook™
Your standard website registration process with the blue FaceBook button - One click, really easy Customer Registration via FaceBook
  1. Website Customer Saved Search - "Saved" searches become "Drip Listings" and can be reviewed by your Agents from their Admin Customer area.
  2. Website Customer Polls - Registered Customers can create a Poll that can be shared on Social Media that enables their Friends to rate their Liked Listings choices.
  3. Website Customer Liked Listings - Registered Customers can create a list of Liked Listings, this list of liked listings is accessible by their assigned Agent.
Multiple Integrated IDX Feeds Supported
Intergrated IDX provides the listings your customers are looking for. It is also the backbone of Lead Generation, Marketing and SEO Best :Practices that combine to make a powerful impact on your Lead production.
Custom Landing Pages
It is very easy to create custom landing pages. Access is provided to title and meta description tags. Text and images can easily be :added and specific MLS result custom searches can be created to funnel customers to listings related to the landing page.
Predefined Search Result Pages
Pre-defined search result pages can be easily accessed via a shared link. Links of this type are invaluable for SEO. These links can be :created based on many common criteria, price, location, type, etc. Our Support Staff will show you how and soon you'll be on your way to :dig some SEO Gold!
Tracking Code Enabled
You can add your own tracking codes from third parties to the <header> area of your website.
META Tag Access
SEO ain't easy, so we try to give you every advantage. Access is provided to META tags so you can customize your SEO strategy.
Google Analytics Ready
Getting your website ready for Google Analytics is as easy as copy/pasting your Google Analytics ID into a box an clicking save.
BING™ Ownership Verification Ready
BING™ Ownership Verification code is already built in, you just supply your ID, click save and you're good to go.
Featured Listings
Listings can be Featured in many ways and by many criteria. Our Support Staff can help you make the right choices in themes for your best look!
Customizable Subdivision Searches
A simple list of subdivision names can be used to create an automatic subdivision search that returns listings in the selected :subdivision.
Customizable Condominium Searches
A simple list of Condominium names can be used to create an automatic Condominium search that returns listings in the selected :
Unique Automated Website Content
Staff writers deliver blog content in various categories in a round robin fashion on a regular basis. You can choose to display this :content on your website.
Separate Rental Search Page
A Rental Search and display is provided that enables your website visitors to search for available rentals in your MLS.

General Features & Functions

Multiple Office/Branch Managers supported
Office or Branch Managers access levels are available to facilitate organization and levels of access to various areas.
Office Assistants supported (no delete access)
Office Assistants access levels are available that allows access to Management areas but does not allow for a "Delete" action to be :performed.
Document Library
The Document Library is available to all your Agents and Staff. All the various Documents your company uses can be added to the Library :for easy access by your agents or staff. Permission levels can be attached to Documents that limit who can view the various documents.
Virtual Tour Creation & Hosting
A virtual tour creation tool is included. This tool allows all your agents to create Branded and MLS compliant Non-Branded hosted virtual :tours.
Vacation Mode
A "Vacation Mode" can be enabled that instantly stops all messages from being sent to an Agent while not having to change all the leads :and rules and things that they may be involved in.
Pocket Listings aka "Coming Soon" Listings
"Coming Soon" listings can be added and set to display in a exclusive area of your website.
Create your own custom blogs or add on of our pre-populated blog pages.

Transaction Manager

Transaction Management for your entire Brokerage is included. All your agents can access and create Transactions directly from your :website.
Transaction Participant Account Access
Title Agents, Home Inspectors, Real Estate Agents even the Sign Guy can access transaction that they are involved in directly from your website.
Transaction Status's
Your staff, with the correct permissions, can set status's on transactions such as "Pending", "Withdrawn", "Expired", etc.
MLS Information Import
When a transaction is created, property information is imported directly from the IDX feed, so you don't have to!
Submit an Offer System
An online offer submission system allows buyers or their agents to submit a formal offer for any listing displayed on your website. Acceptance of this offer auto creates a transaction.
Transaction Document Assignment
Automatically created transaction can be auto-populated with documents specified by the broker.
Transaction Contacts
All parties involved with the Transaction are listed and can be given access to the transaction via your webiste.
Transaction Contact Notes
All parties involved in the transaction can leave notes that can be viewed by other parties involved in the transaction.
Transaction Documents
Selected documents are automatically added to a transaction at creation. Any party involved in the transaction can add documents, broker approval required.
Transaction Document Archive
All documents added to a transaction are archived and accessible by authorized users.
Transaction Document Permissions
Documents added to a transaction can have access restrictions by person or by type.
Transaction Sales and Commission
A sales and commission calculator is included.