Adding a Virtual Tour

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1. Select the "Virtual Tours/Videos" menu link presented in your Administration Menu

Adding a Virtual Tour

2. On the “Manage Tours” List page you can Search through your Virtual Tours using the Search dropdown and entry boxes, sort your Virtual Tours via the column titles, view your Virtual Tours as they appear on your website and Add Virtual Tours.

3. Viewing your Virtual Tour - In the “Preview” column, select the “Preview” icon. Once selected, you will be taken to your Virtual Tour as it would appear on your website.

4. Creating a Virtual Tour -

  • Select the “Create a Virtual Tour” icon
  • On the “Add New Tour” Pop up, Enter in your Virtual Tours “Tour Title” and select your Virtual tours “Audio Track”, “Theme”, “Transitions”, and ”Slide Time” via drop down boxes.
  • Select “Next Step” to progress to the “Tour Image” page
  • On the “Tour Image” page, You can upload a JPEG, GIF, or PNG file (File size limit is 10 MB) to your virtual tour. Upload multiple images by pressing and holding “Ctrl” while making your selections. Once your Images have been successfully uploaded, you can drag the image itself to change its ordering position and size.
  • Select “Save Tour” to save your new Virtual Tour