Adding Contacts

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1. Select the "Customers/Contacts" menu link presented in your Administration Menu or select the Customers Icon in your dashboard and select "View all Customers"


2. On the Customers List page, select the "Contacts" tab. Here you can Search through your Contacts using the Search dropdown and entry boxes, sort your Contacts via the column titles, Edit your Contacts , Add Contacts , and Download your Contacts for use elsewhere.


3. To Add a Contact: Select the "Add Contact" icon On the "Adding Contact" page, enter in your Contacts information. Here you can add the following information about your Customer:

  • Customer photo
  • Name
  • Company Name
  • Contact Type:
  • Alt.Contact Type
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Office eMail
  • Office Phone
  • Office Address
  • Status
  • Financing
  • Prequalified
  • Lender Name
  • Loan Officer Name
  • Loan Officer Email
  • Pre-Approval Letter
  • Customer Personal Information
  • Customers Personal Souse Information
  • Customers Pet and Child Information

When finished select the "Add New Contact" link