What are Customer Notifications?

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Customer Notifications

Customer Notifications

Customers are visitors that have registered to your website and now have "Customer Accounts". Once created and the new customer has been Logged in, you can engage in a conversation with a customer on your website, Allowing you another channel to engage your customers, answer their questions and retain their attention.

1. Once a customer visits your domain and selects a listing of their choice, they can ask you questions directly via the “Send Message” bar toward the bottom right of the listings detail page. Once the customer has typed and submitted their message, it will be sent directly to the agent listed.

2. On your “Account Home” page in the Admin, “New” message notifications will appear in two places, the “Notifications” Live tracker and the Notifications page. Once found, click the Notification.

3. The Notification will include a link to the customers dashboard where all the messages sent and received can be viewed in the “Listing Messages` widget

4. When you reply to your customers message in the “Listing Messages” widget, a notification email is immediately sent to the customer containing your response and a link to the Listing detail page. There, the message exchange will automatically appear as a pop up, allowing your customer to continue the conversation.

5. For your customers, all unread messages will be highlighted in the red border for 5 seconds after the popup opens, allowing customers to pick up where they left off at a glance.

If your customer visits the listing detail page without clicking the detail page link provided in the response email, then the unread messages counter will be displayed on the “Send A Message” bar alerting them that unread messages are available to be viewed.