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Transaction Manager>

Visitors can view and make an offer on any property on your domain. Those Property Offers are gathered in your "Property Offers" area

1. Select the "Transaction Manager" menu link presented in your Administration Menu or select the "Transactions" Icon in your dashboard and select "View Transactions"

2. On the Transactions List page, select the “Property Offers” tab:

On the Property Offers page you can Search through your Property Offers using the Search dropdown and entry boxes, sort your Property Offers via the column titles, and Review your Property Offers

3. To View a Property Offer:

  • Select any Property Offer of your choice from your Property Offer list page.
  • On the "Offer Details” page you can review the Contact & Property Information of the Property Offers
  • You can also “Accept” or “Decline” the Offer submitted to you from the buyer.

4. Property Offer Notification Emails:

To receive Property Offer Notification Emails, the "Property Offer Notification Emails" must be selected in the Brokerages Options.