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My Listings

My Listings

The "My Listings" page provides you an area in which you can view and Organize your individual MLS listings. You can also view the Listing on your website, as it appears to others.

1. Select the "My Listings (Agents)" menu link presented in your Administration Menu

2. On the “My Listings” List page you can Search through your Listings using the Search dropdown and entry boxes, sort your Listings via the column titles, and view your listings as they appear on your website.

3. Viewing My Listings - In the “link” column, select the “Link to Listing” icon. Once selected, you will be taken to your listing on your website.

Setting Up Text Message Response Codes for you listings:

On TV they sell Multivitamins by asking you to text a random code to a random number to receive more information. This operates the same way.

In Property code area, Enter in the Code you would like to use. (Code that Customer will use to send in)

Example: Sample

Status: set to Active

Phone: select the number the customer should send in the code to. Example (Text “Sample” to 352-442-1231)

Type: Select link type the customer is to receive. Choose from "Listing URL, Virtual Tour, Video Tour, and Custom URL"

Testing Text Message Response Codes

On your Mobile Phone, text the Code you created to the number you've selected Example (Text “Sample” to 352-442-1231)

You will receive text message from that or another number with the link selected.