Email Marketing Groups

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You can Create E-mail marketing Groups to send marketing campaigns to. These can be used to group customers, or Agents according to your choice.

Email Marketing Groups

1. On the E-mail marketing Groups List page you can Search through your E-mail marketing Groups using the Search dropdown and entry boxes, sort your Email marketing Groups via the column titles, Edit your Email marketing Groups, and Add E-mail marketing Groups.

2.The Search tool can be used to quickly find specific Email marketing Groups from your E-mail marketing Groups list page. The column headers of the list allow your display to be sorted by that column header, Id, Title,Agent, date, etc.

The "Search" drop-down box allows you to select from Id, Title,Agent, & Date. The "For" text entry box allows you to enter the E-mail marketing Groups search item you are searching for. Selecting " Search" initiates the search you have created. Selecting "Reset search" resets the E-mail marketing Groups Search you have created.

3. "Add a new E-mail marketing Group by selecting the "Add Group" action icon. Once selected, you will be brought to the E-mail marketing Groups Detail page.

4. Enter in the Groups Title and select any Customer or Agent displayed. In the "Select Customers" area, you can choose from none, All Customers, New Customers, Under Contract Customers, Closed Customers, Hot Prospect Customers, or Select Manual Customers. Selecting Manual Customers will produce a entry box for you to enter the names of the Customers to be added to the group.

5. In the "Select Agents" area, you can choose from none, All user or Select Manual Users. Selecting Manual Users will produce a entry box for you to enter the names of the Users to be added to the group.

6. When Finished creating your Email Marketing Group, select "Save" to save the created group.