Editing/Managing a Transaction

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Transaction Manager>

To View/Edit a Transaction:

View/Edit a Transaction

Select any Transaction of your choice from your Transaction list page. On the "Edit Transaction" page you can edit your Transaction by:

  • Editing the Basic & Property Information
  • Updating sales and commission information including the Commission breakdown
  • Adding Documents via the Document Upload area after adding a name and choosing a file.
  • Uploading all Required and Preferred Documents in the Required and Preferred Documents area by selecting" Upload"
  • Adding all contacts associated with the transaction via the Contact Information area
  • Reviewing, replying and adding Notes to the Transaction Notes area.

Your current Transactions status appears in the Transaction Status Section of your Action Icons. Your Transaction management Options are subject to the Settings chosen in the Brokerage Manager by your Broker or Equivalent access level. You can change the status of your transaction by selecting from the following once all conditions of the Transaction Review Checklist have been met:

  • "Close" will mark the Transaction to be closed - Closed Transactions can only be reopened by a Manager or Broker level User.
  • *Pending" will mark the transaction as Pending.
  • *Cancel" will mark the transaction to be canceled.
  • *Withdraw" will mark the transaction to be withdrawn.
  • “Expire" will mark the transaction as expired.
  • “Cancel" will mark the transaction to be canceled.
  • “Delete” will mark the transaction for deletion - This icon only appears for Manager and Broker level Users

The "Quick Links" displayed underneath your action Icons allows you to select any of the following areas, and jump to that area in your transaction:

  • Sales Commission
  • Document Upload
  • Required and Preferred Documents
  • Contact Information
  • Transaction Notes
  • Transaction Checklist