Editing/Managing a Testimonial

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To View/Edit a Testimonial: Select any Testimonial of your choice from your Testimonial list page. On the "Editing Testimonial" page you can edit your Testimonial by:

Editing a Testimonial
  • Changing the contact information
  • Changing its status
  • Attribute the Testimonial to an existing customer
  • Change the Testimonial Title and The testimonial itself.
  • When finished, select "Update Testimonial"

To Manage your Testimonial:

  • You can mark your Testimonial for Deletion by selecting the "Delete Testimonial" icon. "Delete Testimonial" Icon display depends on Brokerage settings and user level
  • You can Approve or Remove approval on a testimonial by selecting the “Approve or Remove approval on testimonial” action Icon.
  • You can “Lock” or “Unlock” your testimonial, making it uneditable/editable by the customer.