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Manage Your Website>

This tab page displays Settings that are specific to your Brokerage site, like staff and agent information page such as the Agent page List Sort, and Agents Info Page. When finished, select save settings.

Brokersite Settings

1. Select the "Websites" link in your Administration Menu

2. Once on the Manage Websites Page, select the website of your choice.

3. You will be presented with your domains “Dashboard”, an area in which you can effect change to your domain at anytime.

4. Select the “Brokersite Settings” Box

Agent page List Sort: You can select between "Brokerage office (Main Office first) then Agent Last name" or "Agent Last Name, Agent First Name". This allows you to customize how the Agents within your brokerage are sorted and appear on the Brokerage Domains "Agent Page"

Agents Info Page: On the Agents Individual information page, you can choose to Show or not show the agents listings, as well as select between displaying 3,5 or 10 listings on the page is selected to do so.

Once finished, select "Save Settings" to finish.