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The Pocket Listings link in your Navigation menu allows you to Publish or Unpublish Pocket listings added by yourself, or a customer to an exclusive area on your domain.

Manage Listings

Manage Listings

The Manage listings area allows you to view the details for all user created or customer submitted Pocket Listings added to your admin. You can view/sort all Pocket Listings by their columns: Publish, List ID, Address, County, Agent, Date, Created, and Photo Edit Date.


The Search tool can be used to quickly find specific Pocket Listing(s) from your Pocket Listings list page. The column headers of the list allow your display to be sorted by that column's header, Publish, date, etc The "Search" drop-down box allows you to select from Address, Date, Customer, County and Agent. The "For" text entry box allows you to enter the Pocket Listings search item you are searching for. Selecting " Search" initiates the search you have created. Selecting "Reset search" resets the Pocket Listings you have created.

Add Listing

Add Listing

After selecting the "Add listing" Action Icon, you will be presented with the "Add New Listing" wizard. Select the property type, add the properties address and property information, then select "Next Step.

Next, choose or drag a file you would like to add to the Pocket Listing. When finished, select, "Save Listing"

Pocket Listings List

Your Pocket Listings List page displays all of your "Published" Testimonials, as well as any Testimonials that are "Unpublished" from display on your domain.

Pocket Listings Detail

Clicking on a "Line Item" from the Pocket Listings List display will bring you to the Detail of that Pocket Listing.

Pocket Listings Widgets
2017-11-06 14 24 07-Manage Listing.jpg

After selecting a Pocket Listing, you will be brought to that pocket listings dashboard. Here, each Pocket listing is detailed by Property Information, Interior Features, Exterior Features, Facility Features, Area Features, and Listing Images. To edit any of the areas, select the "Edit" link in the corresponding widget.

Property Information

The property information area of your Pocket Listing allows you to enter the Basic Details and Address, Property Information, Bedrooms and Bathrooms, Lease Information, Financial and Tax Information, Listing Status and Availability Information, and Miscellaneous information to your Pocket Listing.

Interior Features

The Interior Information area allows you to add all Interior information details for your Pocket Listing such as # of Floors, Appliances Included, Interior Features and Layout and also allows you to check off the Indoor Air Quality specifications.

Exterior Features

The Exterior Information area allows you to add all Exterior information details for your Pocket Listing such as Exterior Construction, Architectural Style, and Exterior Construction, as well as an Water/Green Information area for specific information pertaining to that.

Facility Features

The Facility Features page allows you to enter and detail all the Features of the Pocket listings facilities such as Management Contact Information, Complex Development Name,HOA Fee ($), and Maintenance Includes list.

Area Features

The Area features page allows you to enter the details of your Pocket listings area. This includes Local Schools, Subdivision / Community Name, Flood Zone information and Community Features.

Listing Images

The Listings Images page allows you to Add & Delete images, Drag and drop the pictures order as well as view and edit each image. Selecting the "Select all Images" check box can assist you in editing or deleting a number of images simultaneously.


On your chosen Pocket listings Dashboard, the "Delete" action icon allows you to Permanently delete the selected Pocket listing.

Publish Listing

On your chosen Pocket listings Dashboard, the "Publish Listing" action Icon when selected will add your Pocket listing to your domain, which can be viewed by all from your "Pocket Listings" page on your domain. If you wish to "Unpublish" the pocket listing afterward, simply select "Unpublish"

Download CSV

To download your Pocket Listing Contacts to your computer or mobile device click the "DL CSV" link. The DL CSV Wizard allows you to select a search variable from the "Search" Dropdown box, and further filter the items to be included in the CSV file using the "For", "Date", "To", "Sort By", and "Order". The Teal colored area, when selected, allows you to choose the Column(s) you wish included in the Downloaded CSV file.

After Selecting "Download" the file will be downloaded to your computer or mobile device.